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The Visitor by Pilgrims of Yearning

The official music video for The Visitor by Pilgrims of Yearning.

For more support check out: pilgrimsofyearning.bandcamp.com



Music for Chimes

A piece by Bryce Dessner performed alongside the 'Player-Fence': self-playing chimes created by The Pickup Music Project.

for more info visit: pickupmusicproject.com

Credits: DP, Editor



Psychic by Teenender

The official music video for a recent single by teenender, Psychic. For more support check out @teenender_

Credits: DP, Editor



Iceland, a Travel Vlog

It's been almost two years but I finally have something to show for a trip taken to Iceland with great friends. 

I'm unsure if I've ever seen an Iceland video that took such a personal approach in capturing the experience being there. That's how this short series will feel and look like. There are 9 videos total for the 9 days we were there and they'll be released weekly.

Credits: DP, Editor



City Daze

A promotional video for a street-clothing brand, MAD u.s.a. (All footage was shot on a Kodak 1014-xls using Kodak Portra film.)

For more info visit: madusashop.com

Credits: DP, Editor



Weddings by Wooden Grain

A short collection of past weddings captured (2015-2016)

For more info visit: woodengrain.com

Credits: DP, Editor



Handmade Ceramics by J Schatz

An in-depth look into the guys behind the handmade ceramics company J. Schatz

Read more and view a showcase of their work here: woodengrain.com/journal/jschatz

Credits: DP, Editor


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